Let’s start with the most important elements!  I have grandchildren, Hopper Jack, Whitt Paul and Icie Jane  and they live just 2 blocks from me here in Lubbock, Texas.  I’ve never enjoyed anything more.  Oh, by the way, they do have parents, my daughter Cassidy and her husband Sly.  My son Patrick is a photo editor, his lovely wife Brooke teaches English.

My lovely wife Janet is a speech pathologist – if you ever get a chance to her, you will love her!

A little more than nine years ago I started speaking and writing full time.  Education for both kids was done, as were weddings – so seemed like a wonderful time to take the chance.

My favorite topic is on savoring life.  The reason?  Because I have to work so hard at it!  I discuss often the difference between seeing life as a “get to”, a privilege and seeing life as a “got to”, one obligation after another.  I grew up with a “got to” perspective – not until college, really not until marrying well, did I begin working to see life as a privilege, an adventure.

I’ve had the pleasure of teaching or being an administrator almost my whole life – high school, community college, university.  In reality, I don’t see myself as a speaker – it’s just a different venue for teaching.

My resume also includes more than a few years in sales, as County Commissioner in Lubbock County, and as a carpenter. (See my other website,, to see the kind of construction I still love doing).

I love getting to teach on loving life, on skills as a leader and manager, on living a ‘grace’ful life.  Also, I have two greyhounds and four chickens!

Formal bio

Dr. Gary Schwantz’s Ph.D. is in Family Consumer Sciences Education from Texas Tech University. His master’s is from the University of North Texas in Public School Administration and bachelor’s from Texas Tech – Family Studies and Home Economics Education. This simply lets you know Gary is a teacher at heart. One great additional value of his academic work is the ability to research, to pull diverse elements together, to place them into a cohesive package, and teach them well. He can present on any number of topics in management, leadership, and business – but all as an encouragement to savor this life we lead.

Gary has been a teacher and administrator in high schools, community college and at the university level.   His resume also includes more than a few years in sales, as County Commissioner in Lubbock County, and as a carpenter.

For seven years Dr. Schwantz served as the Director of Educational Services for The MED Group, a national network of home medical equipment companies. His primary achievement was in creating an on-line program called MED University, the industry leader in providing on-line training for the HME Industry – a collection of more than 130 courses all created specifically for the industry..

Dr. Schwantz taught for ten years as faculty in the College of Human Sciences at Texas Tech University and twice received recognition from students as Outstanding Faculty. He now teaches as adjunct in the College of Media and Communications.

Gary has been speaking and teaching for years, but about eight years ago made the jump to doing this as his life’s work. One of the common themes in his presentations is to live life as an adventure – so he finds himself practicing what he preaches. His first book, Get To or Got To? (choosing to love life, or not) was published in 2009. His second eCouragements: Email Messages on Savoring Life will be published late 2012.

Above all, his wife, children and grandchildren mean the world to him, a list of blessings too long to list.

Less formal Bio (Okay, complete fabrication, but funny!)

The ruggedly handsome Dr. Gary Schwantz is the former Ambassador to France.  One of the original creators of the personal computer, Gary was nominated for the Nobel Prize in 1996 for his original work in mapping the genome (Though, he chose to pull himself out of contention to protest the Oscar nomination of Tom Cruise for Tom’s work in “Jerry Maguire”).  When not performing with the New York Philharmonic, Gary can be found building engines for NASCAR drivers.