“When we were putting together the agenda and speaker for our Monroe Wheelchair sales meeting we realized it was a bit unconventional to devote 90% of the meeting to an inspirational speaker. At the risk of losing an opportunity to talk about sales and operations to our sales staff, we decided to put a real life spin on our meeting. We have heard you speak before and trusted you to uplift, motivate, and move us. We were hopeful that those emotions would spill over to the way staff views and performs their jobs. To say that your “Savoring Life” presentation was successful in accomplishing our goals would be an understatement. Many members of our staff were moved to tears (myself included) and most said that the day made them change the way they look at their entire life. It is hard to put into words how good it feels to know that you were able to have this kind of immediate impact on the lives of our staff. You have a wonderful gift to be able to help people look at everyday life in such a positive and uplifting way. Thank you for having that impact on my staff and keep up the amazing work!”

Doug Westerdahl – President – Monroe Wheelchair

Dear Gary,

I cannot thank you enough! Your presentations have been a huge success. As you are aware, when we began our leadership program, we selected different presenters to speak on a topic requested by our management team. However, with you our leaders have benefitted from the continuity of your presentations. After your first presentation, you were able to build from there and weave the ideas together from one presentation to the next. You are interesting, engaging and entertaining and you have our employees sitting on the edge of their seats. As stated by one of our employees, time flew by.

Our management team now knows and trusts you as evidenced by the improvement in the attendance at these meetings. The evaluations have been overwhelmingly positive. One of our employees stated that you were the most effective speaker they’ve listened to in leadership meetings. You covered topics that will help our employees improve personally and professionally. You have a way of presenting rather difficult information in a positive, upbeat manner. You are willing to dig deeper into tough topics and guide the team to develop applicable solutions for the work place.

I also want to thank you for conducting some of our employee feedback sessions. These groups have the largest opportunities for improvement and some of the biggest challenges. The understanding you gained from these sessions and the information you provided to will help us in the next phase of leadership development.

PNS leadership looks forward to the next meeting and the information and insight you will share. I was told that you are the best thing that has ever happened to our leadership program. We appreciate you. PNS is better because of you.


Beth Brown – Corporate Director Business Development – UMC Physician Network Services

Dr. Gary Schwantz is an amazing speaker – his recent CMAA program left our attendees wanting more! He not only related to our audience, but our industry as a whole. Gary kept his program dynamic for two hours, which can sometimes be daunting. He has a knack for connecting with people – not just with humor, but with compassion and encouragement. Gary truly learned about the club management industry and the people he was addressing. His presentation was funny, warm, genuine, professional and uplifting to everyone present. Not only was his message heartfelt and inspiring, it completely hit home with exactly what our conferences are about – engagement, networking and leadership. I would highly recommend him to any group looking to learn, laugh and get energized and ready to take on the world… Thank you Gary!

Kim Pasquale – Senior Vice President, Membership Operations – Club Managers Association of America

“I saw Dr. Gary Schwantz at CMAA’s Leadership and Legislative Conference in 2012 and his words had such an impact on me that I still remember them today. His simple suggestion to “wrap it up and put a bow on it” by celebrating small successes inspired me to contribute to a more positive working environment within our CMAA chapter. I was new to my position as Managing Director and was eager to accomplish many things. There were times when my enthusiasm was met with exhaustion from overworked and underpaid volunteers. When asked to participate in the chapter idea fair at conference that year, I was told by a volunteer board member that we had never won and we wouldn’t win this time. I submitted posters on behalf of the chapter anyway and when I was able to bring back a blue ribbon to the next chapter board meeting, literally wrapped up with a bow on it, a fundamental change in attitude occurred. Gary exudes positivity, good values and a genuine spirit; he is an inspiration to do better.

This year, Gary was a guest speaker at our chapter on Talent Management with an emphasis on behavioral interviewing, recruiting and evaluation. His two-hour session was highly rated. Evidently, Gary left our members wanting more with many attendees stating that they wished we could’ve had a more intense workshop-style education session.  Gary even went so far as to follow up with attendees after the session, thoughtfully addressing their personal needs with regard to the topic. His supplemental materials were thoughtful and thorough. Gary is a conscientious planner and is committed to making your experience first-rate!”

Carolyn Muessle – Managing Director – Philadelphia and Vicinity Club Managers

“Dr. Gary Schwantz was a presenter at Handi Medical Supply’s 1stl Rehabilitation Equipment and Education Conference. On this date Gary had two presentations one entitled “Lessons on Stress Management for a 4 year old” and the other titled “Savoring Life”.

Countless times on this day our guests shared with me the tremendous value that they personally felt attending his seminars. Dr. Schwantz is a dynamic speaker with a powerful message. We feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to have him speak at our event. Due to the overwhelming response to his presentations he is the only speaker we have scheduled to present thus far for our next conference.

Once again I would like to thank you for offering up this rich experience to the attendees of our annual conference.”

Mike Bailey – Chief Operating Officer – Handi Medical Supply

“ It is hard to believe that another year has already passed since you spoke at our Annual National Convention in Indianapolis last summer. I do not believe there has ever been an instance in the past when the name of a speaker continued to surface so long after the event, but your name is still mentioned often.

Your program on management techniques was educational and entertaining. Even though we had another keynote for the week, your touching and enthusiastic address at the banquet was the consensus highlight of our conference. You now have the honor of being the only speaker in our company’s history to be invited back for a third consecutive year.

As we put the finishing touches on our event I am reminded of the pleasant experience we all enjoy in working with you. I appreciate the time you took to discuss and research the specific needs of our franchisees. I also thank you for tailoring your presentations to help us stick to our overall theme for the meeting.”

Jim Evans – Christmas Decor. Inc.