Last weekend we were cleaning out and painting Cassidy’s old room (our daughter, now 23 and married).  One more piece of letting go, a lot of you know exactly what I’m talking about.  I came upon this picture of my Dad and Cassidy.  My Dad died in December of 1998, this was probably taken that fall.  Look at this picture of him hugging Cassidy and tell me what you see – I see bliss.   Many of you who have heard some of my talks have heard me talk about my Dad – how much I loved him.  But you’ve also heard that he told me, the summer we knew he was dying from lung cancer, he told this, “I wish I’d had more fun.”

 This picture of him with Cass, that is my Dad having as much fun as humanly possible. 

Let me lay this down – I don’t think the world owes us bliss – but I’m thrilled when it happens and I work to stay aware.

 I saw some friends this weekend as I picked up a hamburger, Suzanne and Chuck.  

They were married 25 years before they had their little girl Lauren. Lauren is around two years old and I will tell you what I saw when they told me how much their world has changed – bliss.

 I am working on some material to do a marriage retreat.  Reading a book by Gary Smalley – he asks questions of a man about his marriage and his wife.  The one that stands out to me – “Does your face spontaneously break into a smile when you see your wife/”

 My answer, bliss!

 One of the best meals of my life.   I’m driving from Lubbock to San Antonio, 

I stop at the Hard Eight BBQ place in Brady, Texas, upon the recommendation of my son Patrick.  I get a chopped brisket sandwich on jalapeno/cheese bread.  I drive a little bit before eating, watch a sunset over the horizon – bliss.

 I love the sound of the word when I say it out loud – bliss.  I love the approach to life that says I seek – bliss.  I love the fact that it’s rare, we are owed nothing and yet it is given as a gift – bliss. 

 Dang I miss my Dad, dang I love my daughter.  Have a blissful week

Gary Schwantz