Dr. Gary Schwantz
Clear. Creative. Encouragement.

Gary Schwantz

You would probably never use the word “electrifying” to describe Gary, except for the fact that when he speaks he holds the complete attention of his audience. With his smooth, calm, Texas drawl he captures his audiences not with presentations, but with conversations.

His tagline says it well, clear · creative · encouragement. Dr. Gary (as his friends call him, and almost everyone becomes his friend) loves to speak about savoring and treasuring life and work

There are times we all need a word of encouragement. However even more powerful than words is the parallel of story. In Gary’s conversations he invites us into the story of his and other’s lives that allows for a new understanding of how to live life fully, enjoy work more completely, lead with greater heart.

Actually, this makes Gary sound like he takes himself more seriously than he does. Your folks will have fun with Dr. Gary’s presentations. He doesn’t try to be funny, he just naturally is. He is especially gifted at laughing at himself.

Smooth, calm, no gimmicks, typically only a microphone, it seems like Gary touches each of your folks in a different way.


Sometimes your group just needs a break from business! - And a reminder of what’s really important! I hope you will consider allowing me to bring this encouragement to your keynotes, banquets, luncheons & breakout sessions. I love offering presentations on savoring life, being the difference (even one I call Bubba Zen, on enjoying the moments). There are others, but the best approach is to simply let me know what your group needs.

Business Topics

I believe one of my strengths is the ability to present serious topics without taking myself too seriously. Here are some of my favorite topics. But the key is this … What do YOU need? In my 7 years with The MED Group, I authored more than 120 courses on almost any topic you can think of. In my 10+ years as a professor at Texas Tech University, I’ve researched & taught still more unique “life-skill” topics. Know that I bring a depth of research & varied perspectives to the discussion of each one. No one will work harder to research your organization & customize presentations to meet your needs!

Meeting Facilitation

Acting as a facilitator, I can offer great opportunities for team building and help you get the most out of meetings or retreats. I can free you from leading icebreakers, discussions, brainstorming and goal- setting, allowing you & your managers to join in & relate as team members, giving you as much freedom as you care to have. I would love to facilitate a meeting for your board or a strategic planning session or retreat for your executive team (or entire staff!).


I have a special heart for churches, charities & non-profit groups! Whether you need a guest speaker for a special event or someone to lead a weekend retreat or planning session, I have years of experience in the special dynamics of your board meetings & worship environments. I understand your needs, your challenges and your tight budgets!


My weekly eCouragements are simple weekly reminders on living the fullest life possible (or my disasters in trying to replace toilets). SIGN UP to receive my weekly eCouragement on ways to notice & enjoy life! At times you’ll find it funny, other times touching, I hope always encouraging. Just email me at gary@drGarySchwantz.com to be added to the list. You can UNsubscribe at any time (right from the eCouragement message).

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